P For Passion P for Photography

People start photography then it becomes their passion and finally they satisfy their desperate souls by adopting it as profession. Photography is now a day’s becoming very interesting. As like all other fields people here are also adopting some non professional attitude while being professional. Photography is such field where you can explore ,travel ,learns and gets paid at the same times.

lens-photographyIn older days one has to gather , do makeup and arrange themselves and then photographer mostly from front shouts ready. Everyone says yes and then click shutter sound comes . One has to wait for a week to review his memory. Transforming of picture in darkroom . special precautions are made to avoid pictures exposure to light. After a weak ,later on days it comes with one`s eyes are close ,another one is not looking into camera and then new range of discussion start. This wait and watch phenomena have its own pleasure.

I suspect nobody will consider colors or direction in times of black and white camera. These days this color game is ruling photograph industry. Sometime these days color appear brighter than usual or more dull than usual. Those day people strive to see color photographs but now a day’s people struggle to show best color rather too bright or too dull.

Tradition of straight photograph is changing and disappearing day by day . No doubt that straight photography has its charm and can be seen in offices and in history .We can`t say it is demolished but it is gone or disappeared. Today people want to completely transform their minds their lives into photography. Specially in wedding ,people like to take photograph inattentively. Moreover their days definition of scenery is change for photography. Today Downtown shopping centers, traditional kitchens, roadside business are attraction of photography.

Well this change is good . As we are told everything is good in limits. I am trying to divert attention towards this selfie fever. This type of photography is killing other people`s privacy. Whereas the truth is this selfie fever is proving dangerous for a person who tries to take selfee at awkward place i.e. in front of trains or with weapons in hands.

Well let’s discuss digital photography . Here I will bluntly call digital photography a modern version of Polaroid camera. In this era of digital word , a photo is taken ,reviewed and edited within minutes. Photograph industry is changing . Digital cameras are replaced with DSLRs. Outdoor locations are changing from tradition lawns to horse rides.

We can change location, dress skin color and much more in minutes. One can see his quick makeover look before undergoing through process of suspense.

People are experimenting in field of photography. Quick edition ,change of traditional location and addition of camera phone is making photography handy. Light exposures , camera lenses ,easy availability of camera making it difficult for professional to step in . People are well aware of what to consider while going through photo shots. These days ,due to revolution of camera videography on events are disappearing.